Sep 24

Sew Your Own Quilts To Keep Warm With One of These Brother Sewing Machines

Most hobbyists and professional sewers know that of all the sewing machine brands that flood the market, there are two most popular choices: Singer and Brother sewing machines. Of the two, Brother sewing machines have established that reputation of being the most flexible and easiest to use. This article will focus on Brother sewing machines reviews. Read on to see the reviews on this popular brand or click here to read more.

Brother CS6000iBrother CS6000i –  According to Amazon, the cs6000i is their bestselling computerized sewing machine. With its programmed stitches and designs, any type of design that you want will be sewn perfectly. The machine will also inform you if you have set up the wrong parts. It will not begin with the sewing process if machine was set up incorrectly. What’s also good about this sewing machine is its portability. It is very easy to carry as it is lightweight. Most customers who have tried this model love it because of the big extension table. This model is highly recommended for quilting and embroidery.


Brother XL2600iBrother XL-2600i – Most reviews highly recommend this model for beginners. This is a highly reliable sewing machine for those just learning to sew. It has most of the beginner’s needs for regular stitches and zigzag stitches. This also has different parts for varying needs like making buttonholes, attaching zippers, hemming or just basic mending. As most beginners’ sewing machines, this is not the best kind for heavy fabrics because of its size and weight. All who have this kind of sewing machine say that the automatic needle threader makes sewing so much easier.



brother se400Brother SE400 – This is one of the best among computer-powered Brother sewing machines. Aside from its sewing capabilities, the Brother SE400 also has the ability to perform embroidery stitches. Settings can be modified depending on your needs and design preference. The LCD screen allows adjustment of stitches so machine settings can be changed. Another good thing about this is that additional embroidery designs can be uploaded to the sewing machine. The designs can come from a USB or can be downloaded straight from the Internet. The price is very reasonable especially since the many features of this machine make this model a good buy.


Brother Quattro 6700DBrother Quattro 6700D – The Brother Quattro 6700D model is one of the most recommended computerized sewing machines. This top-of-the-line high-end sewing machine is slowly becoming the favorite among all computer-programmed machines. This is a little more expensive than what the wallet deserves. This sewing machine model has an LCD touch screen and a tablet attached to it. The feature allows you to draw your own designs on the tablet. The computer will then embroider what you have drawn on the tablet. You can also choose from over 500 pre-programmed designs. This sewing machine does not require expertise in sewing. In fact, even the person with zero knowledge on sewing can immediately start making a pattern at the click of a button.

Trying to decide on the most suitable model for you is not an easy task. You must always try out each and every model before settling on one that you like best. It is also very helpful if there are many reviews that can help you decide.

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